Dan, a System Admin working for a government contractor, is forced to come into the office on his day off. His day gets progressively tougher as he discovers mounting technical issues and the reality that his position may be in jeopardy due to cutbacks. Fearing unemployment, Dan sidesteps additional contract work and pursues the holy grail of guaranteed lifetime employment (a.k.a. "a government job"). The allure of job security leads Dan to the crossroads of an ethical dilemma where he and his co-worker, Randy, engage in morally questionable and professionally reprehensible activities.
Jay Saunders
Jay was born and raised overseas before moving to the US in '98. He is a graduate of the George Maison University Theater Department where he was awarded "Best Male Performer" and has been performing professionally on stage and in film, in the DC/VA/MD area since '07. He recently appeared in "V/H/S/2," which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, in Barbasol's Close Shave America commercials, and the starring role of "ADMINS." Jay has traveled throughout the east coast with GLOBEWORKS performing as the main role of HAMLET, and as Mercutio. Jay recently finished as a Final Four Winner in DC's 2015 Monologue Madness competition and is currently directing his first short "ITHACA."
Doug Henderson
Douglas Henderson was born on January, 16th 1987, and he demonstrates all the best qualities of both the Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs. Some say that he grew to such a large stature so that his body could contain his enormous brain and his huge heart. As a side note, he is also known throughout the Western world as a fantastically passionate lover.

As a filmmaker Doug has many talents. He has worked as a producer, writer, director, cinematographer, gaffer, and editor in addition to his work as an actor. He has a reputation as a hard worker, who can’t resist signing any song that pops in his head on set. He has been quoted as saying, “If I can’t laugh at myself, how can I expect others to?”

Doug currently resides in South-Central Pennsylvania where he co-owns a blossoming film and video production company, and is working on multiple short and feature length projects in various capacities.
Rebecca Wahls
Rebecca is a theatre artist based in the Washington, D.C. area. A recent graduate of George Mason University's BFA Performance program, she appeared in and directed many plays there, including An Experiment with an Air Pump (Isobel), Dido, Queen of Carthage (Director), and Woyzeck (Director). She has performed improv locally and in New York with various teams.

In addition to Admins, Wahls can been seen in on film in "Tides" (Jupiter Films; Official Selection, DC Shorts), "Conveyor Belt," and "Happenstance" (Alpine Oxygen). Upcoming: "Tryouts" (Hand Me Down Films), "Untitled" (Director, Hand Me Down Films).
Devon Saunders
Devon is no stranger to the film scene. She has been in film her whole life, thanks to her father who she says, "Recorded EVERYTHING!" But she began her professional film career in 2007 as the role of Secretary to Ben Affleck's character in the film "State of Play". Her film/TV credits include, but aren't limited to, leading roles in: "V/H/S II", "Southern Fried Homicide", "Milgram and the Fastwalkers", "The Dead Machine", "Veil", "Ninjas vs Vampires", "Ninjas vs Monsters", "Ghosts Don't Exist", "Miss Cancer", and "Lily Deja vu". She has been in commercials for The Salvation Army, COX Communications, Realtor.com, Lost Dog Cafe and American University. Devon is passionate about encouraging others to follow their hearts desires. She says, "Our passion is the purpose God has for us; what we are meant to pursue with all our might. We must simply choose to be courageous enough to allow Him to use it!" She is happily married to Actor, Jay Saunders, and they are both full time Entrepreneurs in Northern Virginia.
Dylan Hares
Dylan Hares is a software engineer by day and an actor by night from the DMV area. He has a BA in Philosophy from George Mason University and appeared in several productions there including Barefoot in the Park (Paul) and The Life of Galileo (High Inquisitor).

In addition to Admins, Hares recently starred in "Wingboys" from Hand Me Down Films which earned Best Picture at the Clifton Film Festival and the Best Comedy and Audience Choice awards at the George Mason Film Festival. He can also be seen in Hand Me Down Films' "The Blame Game" and their upcoming "Tryouts."
Trevor DeSaussure
Trevor DeSaussure is a published photographer and filmmaker based in Washington DC. A Florida native who found his niche in filmmaking through photojournalism. A very reluctant actor at first, he accepted a role in his film debut "Wing Boys". After receiving many positive reviews, the 24 year-old George Mason University Film and Video Studies graduate decided to give acting a chance. "It feels so funny to be in front of the camera as opposed to behind it but people seem to like it."

DeSaussure's first film entitled, "Noise," whom he wrote, produced, and directed received the award for "Best Documentary" at it's debut in Mason's 2nd Annual Film Festival.